Testimonial 2

I am so grateful to Katie.  Buying a car can be really stressful, and not only did she help me find a great car, but she went the extra mile to make the process as easy as possible!  My old car “died” so I needed something right away.  Katie knew I needed some time to make the right decision, though, so she got me a loaner car while she took the time to find just the right car for me.

Then, after my bank kept me waiting for 3-1/2 days on my loan approval, Katie found even better financing for me and got me approved in 2-1/2 hours.  She also guided me through the process, helping me make decisions about the car and the financing that were best for me, not best for her commission.

I had a very tight budget, but that didn’t matter to Katie – she treated me the same as if I were buying an expensive car. Katie really cares about doing the right thing and about educating her customers.  Without a doubt, I would recommend Katie to anyone who is buying or leasing a car or even just thinking about it.  She really helps her customers understand what to look for and avoid mistakes.

Thanks, Katie, you rock!

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